Anne Miller

Leading authority on resiliency in dynamic enterprise environments
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Anne Miller is distinguished by her action-oriented approach based on the key premise that “it is far easier to act your way into a new way of thinking than to think your way into a new way of acting”For over 35 years she has worked globally with individual leaders and teams committed to going beyond past successes to create extraordinary futures for themselves and their organizations.

Anne has led successful leadership development and organizational transformation efforts for Fortune 100 companies in many areas of the world. She has coached senior executives and their teams in a variety of cultures and industries with clients such as Novartis, Shell, MillerCoors, Coca-Cola, Accenture, Citi, Humana, Hewlett-Packard, BP, XL Capital, the former ABN Amro, Plastic Logic and Dow Chemical Venture Capital. She has been invited to work with four leading business schools – London Business School, Vanderbilt Owen, Thunderbird School of Global Management and ASU WP Carey.

At London Business School, she designed and then was founding director and faculty for the Entrepreneurship Summer School and developed the initial concept for the Masters in Management.

Anne takes a pragmatic approach in working with individuals and multi-cultural teams. She created the Action Lab™ as a tool for C-level executives to accelerate the delivery of breakthrough results while developing their leaders through a series of iterative accomplishments.

Anne is co-author, with Richard Pascale, of “Acting Your Way Into a New Way of Thinking” in Leader to Leader, and “Action Lab: Greenhouse for Change” in Strategy and Business. As a former triathlon champion, she still thrives on sports and adventure travel and lives in Santa Fe, NM, where she built an award-winning “green” house.