Scott Maloney

CEO and Co-founder, Seed Worthy
  • Science & biotech
  • Business development
  • Cloud computing/software development

Scott is a tech executive, multiple company board member, startup incubator advisor, speaker, consultant, and third generation entrepreneur. He has led teams in Fortune 500 and some of the fastest growing tech startups in US history. He is currently the CEO and Co-founder of Seed Worthy, the makers of BowTie. BowTie is changing how software is launched in the market with its proprietary platform that enables software to become a company in minutes. He is formerly the VP of Strategy and Operations for @Pay, a mobile payment startup where he led the Product, Production, and Creative teams and provided direct leadership for all strategic initiatives. Prior to that, Scott was the Senior Operations and Strategy Manager for LivingSocial, where he was responsible for leadership of several operational and strategic teams, and a key driver of growth for one of the company’s fastest growing divisions.

Scott currently sits on the boards of four different technology and consumer companies.He also serves as the senior Enterprise Advisor for a leading incubator in the Southwest where he is responsible for coaching and assisting young companies as they struggle through their early growth.

Scott is a black belt martial artist in Kyokushin with international instructor and tournament experience. He has professionally and personally traveled to 52 different countries.