Accelerating the success of creative entrepreneurs

Since fall 2016 the inaugural Winston-Salem cohort has been actively working on their businesses. Each creative business has reached milestones and accomplished goals. Here are the updates on each of the creative companies.

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Meow Wolf’s “House of Eternal Return” futuristic art exhibit in Santa Fe is wooing and wowing hoards of visitors.

What do you do with 10,000 scientists who have brilliant ideas but no clue how to make those ideas sustainable outside of a research lab?

Kuwait’s first business accelerator will launch this summer with a Made-in-New Mexico stamp.

Update: Deadline for applications have been extended until March 5th, 11:59pm MST to allow applicants time to work through the weekend. 

Malaysia Invites Creative Startup as an Ecosystem Leader to Global Entrepreneurship Community Conference.

Article originally posted by Albuquerque Innovation Central.

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