Accelerating the success of creative entrepreneurs

A serial social entrepreneur, Azin Mehrnoosh, founded Bright bot in 2013 with a vision of building a leading education technology company. Passionate about using storytelling as a fundamental tool to improve learning and creativity in the classroom, Bright bot’s interactive apps are designed to expand a child’s imagination, cultivate storytelling skills, help with literacy and comprehension, and other key developmental traits.

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Chart comparing entrepreneurship resources in different industries.

Are you a creative entrepreneur, or “creator,” and wondering where all the love is? Where are the startup accelerators, investors, and boot camps for creative startups?

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Are you a creative entrepreneur? A creative economy planner?  community leader? designer? coder? creator?  Then YOU are driving the EXPLOSIVE growth in the creative economy.  And we applaud you!

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Communities are experiencing unprecedented economic disruptions as interconnected digital technologies proliferate and efficiencies in global markets expands. Human creativity and ingenuity have never been more essential to the economic well being of communities. Demand for creative goods and services – and the creative economy in general – is growing by leaps and bounds. Creative startups are increasingly leading economic opportunities for regions.

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Agritourism is a booming market as urban dwellers seek authentic experiences in rural communities (New York Times article).