Creative Startups Accelerator launches in Middle East

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Kuwait’s first business accelerator will launch this summer with a Made-in-New Mexico stamp.

Albuquerque’s Creative Startups program signed a license agreement in January with the private equity firm Messilah Ventures to use its curriculum and resources for training and mentoring entrepreneurs from around the Middle East. The first two startup cohorts will take place this summer and fall.

Creative Entrepreneurs Boost Growth with Creative Startups Accelerator

2016 Creative Startups Accelerator Applications open until July 1

The Creative Startups Accelerator program seeks entrepreneurs to apply to join its cohort of fast-growing companies in the creative industries. Just eighteen-months out of the 2014 program, the Creative Startups Accelerator cohort of companies have raised on average $152,000 in funding for their projects while benefiting from over 800 hours of mentorship from leaders in the creative industries.

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Creative Startups Accelerator, Helping Entrepreneurs Grow the Creative Economy

Creative Startups Accelerator, Helping Entrepreneurs Grow the Creative Economy

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