‘Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before’ - Meow Wolf’s Art Mansion Of Fun To Open Early Next Year

From Albuquerque Journal reporter Jackie Jadrnak...

You walk through the entry and stand in the front yard of a Victorian home. All is quiet, except for the chirping of crickets.

Entering the house, you see the living room where the uncle of the family often snoozes, but a prickling disquiet from a sense of absence builds when, in the dining room, you see scorch marks and a chandelier askew, caught in some corkscrew of time.

The house, and the family that lived there, have been hit by a break in the time-space continuum, with wormholes attaching to the house to transport visitors in both time and space.

Welcome to the House of Eternal Return – or at least to the concept that is rapidly becoming concrete.

Well, actually, it’s mostly wood, metal and a specially fabricated sculpting material, sKratch.

“We will take people inside a sci-fi novel,” promised Vince Kadlubek, CEO of Meow Wolf, the artists’ collective behind the ambitious project.

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