Agritourism in New Mexico: What’s the Story?

Agritourism is a booming market as urban dwellers seek authentic experiences in rural communities (New York Times article).  Farmers markets, u-pick, farm to table restaurants, roadside stands, cooking schools, and artist classes on farms are a few of the experiences tourists can experience.  And, while agritourism is not a viable income for some farms, many more farmers are growing experiences to complement their crops.

What Can You do on a Farm in New Mexico?

This week we are going through the results from our agritourism questionnaire done with over 150 farmers, market venues, and local food support organizations.  The results are exciting!  In New Mexico we have identified over 60 agritourism sites offering a dizzying array of experiences: mushroom hunting, fig tea leaf drinking, blue corn grinding, horno cooking, and more.  Our survey of sites is not complete and we encourage farmers to reach out to us and share their New Mexico offers food, farm, and culinary experiences unique to the US – even the world.

Over the next few months we will continue to collect information about the agritourism sites and experiences while creating a web-based map of these sites.  Help us tell the story of agritourism in New Mexico – post photos to our Pinterest, Like Us on Facebook, or send us an email (selena  AT .