Creative Startups Alum Etkie Featured in Elle Magazine

From Elle Magazine reporter Olivia Fleming... 

One in three Native Americans are practicing artists, but one in four live below the poverty line. By merging her business acumen with Native Americans' natural talent, Etkie founder Sydney Alfonso hopes to change that latter stat.

Last year, 43-year-old Dru Chackee was homeless, beading bracelets to sell to tourists in Tohajiilee, New Mexico, a community that currently has an unemployment rate above 70 percent. As each day grew to a close, Chackee, who has been beading since she was 13, would lower her prices from $25 to $10 per bracelet, simply to come away with "something." This year, however, Chackee is one of three Native American artisans beading luxury bracelets for a newly launched jewelry and social enterprise called Etkie, which brings marketing, sales, and financial resources to talented—but often underemployed—female beaders across New Mexico.

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