Savour 2018 cohort

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Grow Your Business With Creative Startups 

Savour is the Middle East’s first accelerator focused on the food vertical; everything from agriculture, food distribution, retail, food & beverage, consumer product goods through to food technology. As such we named it, Savour: Everything Food.

Working together, Savour and Creative Startups bring MENA a world-class accelerator and experienced food executive team to support startups through:

➤ Mentorship: Access and workshops with food industry thought and business leaders

➤ Investment: Up to $100,000 for 10-20% equity stake

➤ Network: Access to a network of leading food companies, investors and press

➤ Curriculum: Based on years of learnings from Creative Startups Accelerator

➤ Co-working Space: Collaborative co-working with like-minded entrepreneurs


What are the dates?


Dates for 2020 have not yet been set but stay tuned!

 How do I apply?

Stay tuned for application info for 2020. For all applications we use the F6s platform. 


Is this program restricted to only MENA residents?


No, but select teams need to be able to relocate to Savour's co-working space in the food capital of the Middle East, Kuwait City. There the companies will find their product/market fit, prepare to get fully funded, and work with us to scale their business.


Is there funding? What does the program cost?


There is no fee to apply, and the program does not cost anything to attend. 

Savour provides the following funding in exchange for 10%-20% equity:

$100,000 investment via a safe (simple agreement for future equity)


What types of companies should apply?


Savour works with early stage food-related companies in the “product-market fit” stage (ie. there is a good market with a product/service that can satisfy that market). There is a focus on companies that affect positive change and disruption in the food system. Companies from any part of the food value chain are considered, including but not limited to farming, ag-tech, food distribution, retail, wellness, consumer packaged goods, food-related apps, and green/clean tech.


What you'll need to apply

  • Founder resumes, cvs, and/or bios - this application requires individual founders to submit their own info on a few of the questions.
  • Basics on your company's customers, audience, recent achievements, revenue, investment and growth potential. We do not ask for your financial statements.
  • A camera phone so you can make a short, 4 minute video to tell us about your company and why you're interested in the program. The video does not need to be 

We ask a lot of questions - but is so we can get a whole picture of your company, your vision, and milestones to date. Once your video is done and you have your basics in hand, it shouldn't take you longer than an hour or two to fill out the application.


How long does the program last?


Creative Startups Accelerators are essentially 10 weeks in duration.  Additionally, mentorship of startups continues throughout the year.

  • Week 0: Orientation 
  • Week 1-2: Classes in Kuwait
  • Week 3-4: Startup Execution from Home 
  • Week 5-6: Classes in Kuwait 
  • Week 7-8: Startup execution from home
  • Week 9: Classes & mentor Day
  • Week 10: Deep Dive


Savour Ventures was founded in 2016. Based in the food capital of the GCC, Kuwait, Savour Ventures invests in local food startups and incubates them through the first leg of their growth journey.

Rashid Sultan is the founder and partner of Savour Ventures. Previously, Rashid led the turnaround of both Wendy’s Middle East and Costa Coffee Kuwait for Alghanim Industries. Prior to that Rashid held several roles at The Sultan Center, including running their portfolio of convenience stores and being responsible for their expansion into new territories and formats.

Rashid started his career in New York, in the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs. Rashid holds an MBA from London Business School, where he concentrated his studies on the need for Venture Capital in the GCC, and received his undergraduate degree in Economics from The University of Chicago.

The Savour Ventures team also includes Mona AlMukhaizeem, Managing Partner, and Amira AlZayed, Program Manager. Mona is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Sirdab Lab, a Kuwait-based startup hub and entrepreneurial network that provides a platform to educate and help aspiring entrepreneurs through different stages of the startup journey. She worked previously in Transaction Advisory Services at Ernst & Young and as an Investment Manager at Global Investment House, and specializes in seed funding, private equity, and venture capital. Amira previously worked for Mefazec incubator and as a Marketing Officer at MMC Catering, a well-established food and Beverage company that is known for its franchises and locally created restaurant concepts. Amira has a degree in Management from the University of Massachusetts.

“We decided to partner with Creative Startups for three reasons – their curriculum, their mission, and most importantly their team. By focusing on one of Kuwait’s exportable competitive advantages – food – Messilah Ventures hopes to enrich the startup ecosystem in the Gulf by assisting startups to face everyday challenges with confidence and move successfully onto the next stage of business growth.”

- Rashid Sultan

Founder, Messilah Ventures