Bob Borden

Founder and CEO of Ideas And People

    Bob H. Borden leads Ideas And People. His keen ingenuity and passion for entrepreneurship have fueled decades of accomplishments in design and marketing. He is widely recognized for his cross-sector competence and his ability to analyze—and redefine—markets, businesses, and brands. What’s important? Listening. Timing. Engaging. Sometimes bocce and beer. Decisiveness. Strategy. Family. Skiing. Recognizing that taking things seriously sometimes means not taking yourself too seriously. Laughter. Candor. Positivity. Baseball caps. Bob relishes the process of creating. He savors the dialogue that unfolds from making people feel comfortable. He delights in nailing the essence of things.   During his 15-year tenure as Vice-President of Design and Brand Development for Nambé, Bob established the brand as an international leader in product design, integrated marketing, and award-winning retail store design and merchandising. Under his creative direction, Nambé products were accepted into the permanent collections of more than 25 museums around the world.   Bob’s versatility and his meticulous eye for quality design are noted by international clients such as MoMA, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Nambé, Luigi Bormioli, Royal Selangor, and Elite Model Management. His exuberance for life, ideas, and people is noted by everyone he works with.