Guest Faculty

Joe Brown

Senior Design Lead at IDEO

    Joe Brown is a senior design lead and business designer who likes getting his hands dirty.

    At IDEO, Joe focuses on service design and organization design—helping organizations better support the people they serve, whether that's their customers or their employees. He's worked with clients in everything from education, advertising, and air travel to IT infrastructure, ecommerce, and professional sports.

    As a leader of the organization design group, Joe helps clients experiment with new structures, incentives, and processes in order to meet their strategic goals. Based in a client's real work, these experiments are designed to trigger behaviors aligned with the company's purpose, and to redefine a corporate purpose aligned with real meaning and real profits. This means answering really tough questions like, Why do we get up in the morning?

    Joe also serves as a lecturer and project coach for Stanford's Hasso Plattner Institute for Design—the

    Prior to IDEO, Joe built a collection of skills in design and strategy, making himself into a bit of a human pocket knife. He taught MBAs and earned his MBA at Stanford Business School, where he dabbled in applying cognitive neuroscience to design. He also racked up experience in everything from designing software and hardware experiences for Dell to launching websites, editing textbooks, and advocating legislative policy for the College Board—the nonprofit that owns the SAT. Throughout his career, Joe has moonlighted as a graphic designer and visual artist, crafting logos and interactions for web startups and hanging drawings in several New York galleries.

    Joe likes finger painting as much he likes financial modeling, but his real passions are donuts, robots, and pulp crime novels.