Kristine Spengler

Service Designer at Infusionsoft & Founder of Saguaro Market

    Kristine has 20 years of design experience working at start-up companies, Fortune 100 companies, & companies of all sizes in between. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in education and no job prospects and eventually found herself working as the first employee of at a start-up company called Making College Count. She started the job thinking she would stay there only until she could find a "real" teaching job but she quickly grew to love the start-up environment and helped to grow the company until they were purchased by a few years later. This experience gave her the business-bug and she's never looked back.

    Today Kristine works as a service designer for Infusionsoft, a small business marketing automation platform, where she is collaborating with product development professionals and customer delight team members to create paradigm shifting services that help both partners and customers grow their businesses and build the lives about which they've dreamt.

    Prior to Infusionsoft Kristine worked at Intuit as an experience designer and innovation catalyst where she learned about design thinking from Wendy Castleman, another recent Creative Start-ups Guest Faculty member.

    When Kristine isn't working at Infusionsoft or spending time with her husband and three dogs you can find her at Saguaro Market, a local artisan marketplace that she recently founded. Saguaro Market is opening next month in beautiful downtown Tucson, AZ.