Noaf Hussein

Founder @PLTQ8, Co-Founder @QoutMarket

    Noaf's nearly decade-long career has spanned the fashion, food, events, digital and print industries to carve out a niche that is all her own.

    Most recently, she has specialized in food and has helped brands old and new, large and small, find and reinforce their brand voice and image.

    Qout Market, a personal project she co-launched in 2013 singlehandedly changed the direction of the food movement in Kuwait via the opportunity, social awareness and clout brought to vendors and local chefs. In short, the curated market made it cool to work in food and created both a demand in the local community for artisanal products and the desire to learn more about local produce.

    She is an industry disruptor who constantly reinvents the game via the interactive, experiential and inventive.

    Stalk her on Instagram @PLTQ8