Meow Wolf

Creative Startups Alum Meow Wolf Featured In The LA Times

Something about the old sprinkler pipe, the way its black metal has corroded and blossomed in bright patches of rust, puts a smile on Matt King's face.

The 31-year-old artist thinks it will look great in his latest creation, a room he has transformed into a ghost town with scrap lumber and construction detritus. His portable bandsaw growls to life as he begins cutting.

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‘Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before’ - Meow Wolf’s Art Mansion Of Fun To Open Early Next Year

From Albuquerque Journal reporter Jackie Jadrnak...

You walk through the entry and stand in the front yard of a Victorian home. All is quiet, except for the chirping of crickets.

Entering the house, you see the living room where the uncle of the family often snoozes, but a prickling disquiet from a sense of absence builds when, in the dining room, you see scorch marks and a chandelier askew, caught in some corkscrew of time.

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Meow Wolf Partners with George RR Martin

Meow Wolf provides an exceptional example of the positive impact an accelerator can have on team with raw entrepreneurial talent and drive.  Prior to taking part in Creative Startups, Meow Wolf had consisted of a loose collective of artists building large scale “worlds of wonder” art installations.  But in 2011 the group erected the Due Return, a life-size ship with interactive art throughout it’s bowels.  The show attracted 25,000 paying customers and Meow Wolf realized they could become more than a collective of talented friends: they could revolutionize interactive gaming and entertainment.

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