New Program for Early Stage Entrepreneurs

Update: Deadline for applications have been extended until March 5th, 11:59pm MST to allow applicants time to work through the weekend. 

You have an what?

Over the few years of us running our Accelerator program we have seen a trend and have heard from our community of a need in startup education. Many of the applications we receive are brilliant creative ideas, but that is all they are. Ideas that have not been brought to life, or manifested into a startup ... just yet.

A hidden advantage of the best startup accelerators, and how to evaluate them on it

Startup accelerators are everywhere.

What started as an investment experiment with Techstars and Y Combinator, mostly focused on software technology in the early 2000s, has spread across the globe. 

If you can think of an industry there’s probably a startup accelerator for it, including areas like finance, clothing, design, cryptosecurity, food, and education. Large public companies like Wells Fargo now start their own, and those that don’t often partner up with an accelerator via an innovation arm or investment decision.

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2014 Startup Profile: Bright bot

A serial social entrepreneur, Azin Mehrnoosh, founded Bright bot in 2013 with a vision of building a leading education technology company. Passionate about using storytelling as a fundamental tool to improve learning and creativity in the classroom, Bright bot’s interactive apps are designed to expand a child’s imagination, cultivate storytelling skills, help with literacy and comprehension, and other key developmental traits.

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